Sound Xperience

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149 Monument Road, Aston Manor Kempton Park, P.O.Box 8508
South Africa
+27 11 391 8600
+27 11 391 8601
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Sound Xperience

The Sound X Perience concept was born during October 2000 when the young Robert McGill, barely 19 years old persuaded his then employer, where he worked as a video shop manager managing 4 video stores, to let him use a small area in the main outlet to display a few items i.e. TV, video machines and the odd small hi-fi system.

Robert had over the last three years of a seven year stint that he worked in and managed the video stores heard clients complain about equipment that did not work and also that they were not able to go and buy or have these items repaired during normal hours, as they all worked or had commitments for that time of the day.

Robbie as he is affectionately known by friends, clients and all managed to locate audio and visual equipment and decided that he could fill the need expressed by his many clients. Many hours of preparing the equipment for sale was followed by an initial stock purchase and sale of R 10,000 during the first month of business. The novel logo and business name of Sound X Perience had entered the market and all systems were go.

To become a leading service provider and product supplier to major companies, business groups and the South African public. Fair business practices and value for money goods and equipment transactions to be associated with Sound X Perience.

The company will strive for continued business growth, value return to the equity holders and to be known as a company that prides itself on fair labour practices and a provider of secure and suitably remunerated employment opportunities.

The general upliftment of the social environment wherein Sound X Perience operates and that of it’s employees will be part and parcel of the company’s overall structure, planning and business methodology. All BEE and Affirmative initiatives are subscribed to and will be complied with. A BEE company share trust is being established to house 25% of the business equity. This will be allocated to a compatible and suitable BEE business partner to be sourced.

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