Reid & Associates

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481 Manning Road
Glenwood, Durban
KwaZulu Natal  4001
South Africa
(+27) 31 205 3329
(+27) 31 205 4060
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Reid & Associates

Reid & Associates is a South African based firm established in 1985 which specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality electronic equipment. The CM100 Conductivity Meter measures the conductivity of up to 100 samples of plant material simultaneously and includes PC-compatible software for analysis of the measurements. Damage to cellular membranes is a virtually ubiquitous response to a wide variety of stresses. This damage leads to leakage of electrolytes from the cells of stressed tissues and measurement of this leakage, using conductivity, is a reliable indicator of the severity of the stress. Ideal for research, the CM100 provides a solution to your non-destructive testing requirements.

The AMF120 Mk3 Automatic Mains Failure Control System automatically starts the generator on mains failure, provides engine protection, logs up to 800 events with date/ time stamp and has a telemetry facility. Simple installation and operator interface, reliability, and competitive pricing make the AMF120 Mk3 the controller of choice. Over the last decade the AMF120 and AMF120 PLUS have logged millions of trouble free operating hours. The AMF120 Mk3 builds on this extensive experience to add additional features and additional reliability, at the same price.

The HSTC240 High Speed Thermocouple Amplifier is a high accuracy, ultra-fast response thermocouple amplifier ideal for measuring freezing rates in Cryogenics. The temperature range is +35 deg. C to –210 deg. C with a maximum rate of change of temperature of 10 deg./ ms. The amplifier output has a range of 0 to 10 Volts and is designed to connect directly to a storage oscilloscope.

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