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South Africa
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IP Hub

This is a close knit of organisations that is able to provide you with many interesting services and products. The group has grown and matured over time to encompass a number of functions that are there to make life easier for you. It is able to serve an inquiring mind and a technological need. While in the past much of the focus has been on directly applied technology with an emphasis on electronic design and development work, these days the field is much larger. Many of the IP Hub sites are served on the ip.co.za domain though some of them have their very own. The following will give you a quick glimpse into the various enterprises.

Through Interface Products we can offer affordable connectors, data and combo cables, connectors and antenna accessories for Garmin and other GPS units. We also offer product development services and certain electronic design skills. Through Dog Tag Services we are able to supply you with personalized ID tags in the style of the notched US military tags from 1940 to 1967 as well as the contemporary tags. These contemporary US army dog tags are the same shape as material as the stainless steel South African Defence Force Tags. All the tags bear the distinctive deep debossed text that was in exclusive use by the US military until recently. The tags have many other uses such as key fobs, luggage tags, birth tags and momentos.

Through the Internet Provider we offer web hosting, web site development and Zen-Cart eShop configuration for small enterprises of progressive individuals. The Idea Pool will be hosting ideas on how to create wealth some new, some interesting but all cool plans for getting you forward in your endeavors. It will have a community forum where others can share ideas, an open source idea concept where you can disclose your ideas and plans that can be used to create wealth instead of just moving money around. The concept will be used to encourage those who benefit from ideas to tip those who publish them so that there is a real financial reward that will result in a constant flow of new ideas.

The Book Reviews site is one of those ideas where book reviews will help people to select the most suitable book for the task at hand. It will focus more on non-fiction but may include sections on some popular books as well. The IP Hub web shop is a growth from the original Sir-Plus listing of rare and hard to find electronic surplus that has since grown to cover more ground. Idyllic Press is a dainty operation just starting up that will print short runs of letterpress ephemera and other items. The work will be done with hot metal type or hand-set lead type where possible and will include business cards, invitations, flyers, book marks, book plates and short bound works.

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