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Extreme CCTV

We can supply you with all your CCTV needs. Our suppliers are all leading CCTV and security distributors in South Africa. The products we install are of high quality and purpose made for all applications including airports, shopping malls, banks and homes.

The Gencom 1200 was the first in the Gencom family and was developed to have a reliable communicator between about anything and the user. The GENCOM communicates by means of two way SMS or two wayvoice. The choice is configured by the user into the GENCOM by sending a SMS command. All configurations are done by the user by sending it SMS commands. The GENCOM will when receiving a valid command, reply with a “OK” SMS to the user.

Twelve inputs on the GENCOM is available to be connected to other devices like, panic buttons, relay contacts, doorbell buttons, alarm systems, temperature sensors. Virtually any other device that can indicate a condition. These inputs can be named by the user by sending a SMS command to the GENCOM. An input connected to your front door’s magnetic switch can be named “Front door opened” then the GENCOM will send a SMS to a pre-programmed cell number the moment the door opens. The SMS will read “Front door opened”. One input can be programmed to send a SMS to more than one number.

Some inputs may be connected to the intercom buttons at the front gate and be programmed to initiate a call to the number instead of sending a SMS. When the button is pressed the GENCOM will call the pre-programmed number and a two-way audio conversation will be possible. The user will then be able to press a predefined number like “1” on his/her cell phone which can activate a relay in the GENCOM to open the gate.

Four relay outputs can be connected to activate light switches, start motors, open gates etc.. It can virtually activate any electrically or electronically device. The user can send a SMS to stop a motor or make a call to the GENCOM, press a button on his/her cell phone and start a pump. The user will be able to hear if the pump has actually started.

The user may receive messages like, “Pump started”, “Person at the front gate”, “Cable theft”, “AC power failure”, whatever is configured to the inputs.

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