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SMI Analytical Laboratory Services

SMI Analytical Laboratory is able to perform various types of chemical analysis, which can be seen on the adjoining schedule. SMI Analytical is dedicated to offering realistic turn-around times and also improved competitiveness. SMI Analytical has combined state-of-the-art X-ray diffraction equipment, a modern sample preparation laboratory and an expert staff to create an excellent clay mineral analysis facility, coupled to a general analytical laboratory. Many engineering, mining and tiling industry companies have made profitable use of the laboratory since it has been established. The laboratory staff has kept customer needs in mind while developing standardized procedures. However, if the service that you need is not listed, you are welcome to contact the laboratory and arrange to have an analytical scheme specially tailored to meet your needs. The laboratory emphasizes clay mineral analyses but is capable of most chemical analysis.

The focus of the laboratory is a microprocessor controlled diffractometer. X-ray diffraction is a non-destructive method for determining the molecular or atomic make up of an unknown compound or mixture. It has become the most widely used investigative technique in mineralogy. Both reflection and transmission methods are available. Careful study of diffraction traces yields a vast amount of information. The qualitative and quantitative mineral composition of a sample can be estimated, particular polytypes can be identified and the crystalinity of mineral species can be assessed. One should bear in mind, however, that minor phases below a detection limit of approximately 1-2 per cent are not accurately revealed.

XRD is the most powerful tool used in examining clay materials. The major clay-mineral groups and often the particular phyllosilicate species within these groups can easily be identified, even in complex mixtures. The study of diffraction patterns of orientated and random clay preparations (< 2 micron), combined with auxiliary treatments, often yields general information on the chemical composition of the major clay components present.

X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) has many applications in the pharmaceutical industry - from drug discovery, pre-formulation and formulation, through to manufacturing and quality assurance. In all of these areas, XRPD is used to determine the crystallographic constitution of the sample from which the physical properties of an active pharmaceutical ingredient or an excipient can be derived. In contrast to other commonly used techniques, X-ray analysis is non-destructive.

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