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South Africa
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SHEQ Systems

SUPERIOR SHEQ SYSTEMS offers professional consultancy and business technology solutions and is a hands-on, professional and one-stop management development service centre. The organisation’s modus operandi is to strike synergy with its clients and build long-term partnership through in depth understanding of the client’s long-term strategic imperatives and the implementation of that company’s management strategies. As a Services SETA accredited organisation, our standards, based on ISO 9000 compliance, are maintained across all functions. New avenues of growth are continually sourced to enrich the organisation and those of our clientele. Clients and suppliers are regarded as partners. Through growth, we will continue to develop and enrich all staff.

SUPERIOR SHEQ SYSTEMS provides a multi-skilled team of fully qualified technical and operation specialists. S taff selection and training is of the highest standard and therefore we are able to offer our partners the latest innovative information as well as cutting edge technology to assist in making an informed decision regarding business growth.

A flat management structure ensures fast and effective decision-making and communication. This reinforces our commitment to efficient, effective and informed solutions. Staff is regarded as the foundation of the organisation and promotes continued growth within the organisation to ensure stability. Combined knowledge and experience of personnel ensures a continual source of expertise, advice and information to assist our clients. SUPERIOR SHEQ SYSTEMS continually source additional avenues of business and services to offer our client base, in order to fulfill the promise of perfection.

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