Productive Asset Support Solutions

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Productive Asset Support Solutions

Our business case differs from the standard consultancy profile of assessing, reporting and making recommendations to improve the business case of a specific function or process at very little risk to the consultant. In fact, PASS is so confident in its ability to improve your physical asset management planning and performance, that we help shoulder the risk.

International trends and statistics show that approximately 70% of asset improvement projects fail. This is as a result of a number of factors. Not least of which is poor internal knowledge, experience or capability and the lack of commitment of the consultant to assume responsibility and risk in implementing the identified improvement processes.

We work differently, employing uniquely structured processes that dovetail with each customer’s requirements. At the heart of our offering are the processes. These are underpinned by solid and thoroughly researched business concepts.

We employ Associations of Excellence, formed from global networks and focusing on the development and implementation of customer service and supporting tools. These teams develop and maintain relationships with customers, ensuring that best practices are implemented across all solution sets and throughout PASS operations.

We follow a highly developed and proven method with our Asset Support and Improvement Strategy: we understand your needs, we employ proven methodology, and we deliver value through fully scoped contracts for the duration of the project.

Established in 1992, the company was founded in light of a need in industry to improve the supply chain management, plant maintenance and warehousing services. The company continuously grows, employing experts across industry sectors and from around the world, conducting assessments and implementations wherever the need arises.

Physical Asset Management has become a strategic focus of all sectors of industry across the globe. PASS currently has a strong focus on physical asset management including resourcing, as skilled labour in particular is in short supply in this day and age.
Ultimately, PASS takes care of the key back-end while you focus on the front end of running your business.

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