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Parinto cc


To provide innovative technical solutions for corporate risk management.

Business History:

Parinto cc was established in March 1998 to provide electronic and technical services and products to southern Africa. The company responded to market requirements by undergoing a focus change towards being a more specialised security orientated company addressing the South African market with technical solutions and company risk management.


We find ourselves working in challenging times where organised crime is on the increase and where there is a general shift towards corporate crime both white and blue collar. This situation is aggravated by a marked improvement in the technical skills and capabilities of criminals as well as in the availability of equipment for their use.

Although the importance of obtaining and utilising proprietary information within the corporate environment is undisputed, companies still display a disconcerting level of apathy in terms of their attitude towards the security of such and other confidential information. The high resale value of marketable information provides rewards which far outweigh the effort expended to obtain the information. The threat to your business can take many forms and can manifest itself at various levels. Industrial espionage is possibly one of the most damaging forms of this threat and activities such as telephone conversation interception and fax message interception take place on a daily basis here in South Africa. Threats can be experienced as follows:

  • Humans - Direct approach. Due to the current economic climate or simply due to greed - employees of companies can be persuaded to part with company information for cash.
  • False flag approaches. Company employees can be tricked into believing that they are providing information to one group of people when the information is actually going to the opposition.
  • Technical - Technical threats cover a wide range of applications from telephone tapping to sophisticated video and audio surveillance of company facilities. Devices such as "sniffers" can be placed on IT networks in order to gain access to company information.

Industrial espionage techniques range from the direct theft of proprietary information to the bugging and eavesdropping of offices and boardrooms in order to obtain information on proposed marketing strategies or new product development.

  • Consider the value of your companys client list or financial information in the hands of your competitor
  • Has your company recently lost a tender (to a rival company) which you were sure you were going to get ?
  • Has a business rival suddenly had access to information that you thought was secure and confidential ?

Why do anything about the situation ?

  • To maintain your companys edge on new product development.
  • To secure your companys market advantage.
  • To ensure the security of confidential information.
  • To increase the loss control capability of your company.

What can you do about the threat ?

Engage the services of a reputable company which specialises in corporate technical solutions with the emphasis on :

  • Results orientated methods.
  • The use of specific cutting edge technology to obtain the desired results.
  • Integrity and service.

Service Concept:

  • PARINTO cc is a results oriented, technical service, addressing our clients specific needs.

This quality service is achieved by:

  • Making use of specialised personnel with applicable background skills and experience who have been trained and provided with cutting edge technology and equipment.
  • Dedicated problem identification. We consider the accurate identification of the clients area of concern to be cardinal in the solution process.
  • The provision of tailor made solutions to client requirements. Each problem is addressed individually and the best possible solution is applied.
  • Utilising the synergy of multidisciplinary company composition. PARINTO cc comprises four sections which interact in order to provide a cost effective technical service; Research and Development, Covert Video and Audio Installations, Counter Measures and system integrity testing by physical penetration.

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