Large Scale Linear Programming Solutions - LSLPS

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Large Scale Linear Programming Solutions - LSLPS

The planning of the "holistic mass balance performance" is optimised in terms of its objective function, typically, N.P.V. (Net Present Value). The "holistic mass balance performance" is that mass balance performance which is determined over ALL possible combinations of plant, equipment, machinery, circuits, men and money in the planning process of exploiting the ore body:- ore resources (measured, indicated and inferred), through mining and beneficiation, up to the physical point of sale of the final product(s).

This way the metallurgical supply chain value network can be optimised down to the detailed levels of stoicheiometry, metallurgical mass balance, slag chemistry and heat balances.

L.S.L.P.S. has, since its inception in 1989, expanded the scope of its capabilities to not only model building, but also to project work in the fields of:-

  • Techno-economic studies
  • Business expansion and contraction studies
  • Rationalisation studies
  • Strategic planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Production planning
  • Contingency planning

The model building approach applied by L.S.L.P.S. is one of USER FRIENDLY DECISION SUPPORT. The model is placed in the hands of the decision maker using spreadsheet front-ends as an easy-to-use interface to models. Matrix generation is data driven and the optimal solution is reported in user jargon.

Client information is always regarded as confidential and L.S.L.P.S. enters into confidentiality agreements with clients whenever required.

L.S.L.P.S. is an agent for Haverly Systems Incorporated and the following software is made use of in our solutions:-

  • H/XPRESS (parallel)
  • H.S.L.P.
  • OMNI Plus

Note:- Applications described in this website are likely to be subject to customisation prior to being applied to other mining and metallurgical complexes. Regard these applications as building blocks, which can be adapted and regrouped with a view to constructing new holistic optimisation models.

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