Hunter Lightning Protection

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Menlo Park, Postnet Suite 162 Private Bag X15
Gauteng  0102
South Africa
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Hunter Lightning Protection

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that lightning was a manifestation of the power and wrath of the gods. Lightning was the weapon of Zeus, for the Greeks and Jupiter for the Romans. The American Indians believed that lightning was caused by the mythical Thunderbird. (The flash of lightning being the flash of the thunderbirds eye as it winked. In South Africa today we still have witch burnings were a person is accused of having caused the lightning to strike a home or person.

Installation of integrated Lightning Protection Systems in strict accordance with the most recent, relevant S.A.B.S. / S.A.N.S Codes of Practice. Hazardous, Explosive, Industrial & Petrochemical Installations Installation Surge Protection:

  • Course Protection to Distribution Boards
  • Fine Protection to Single Phase
  • Signal Communication
  • Implementation of local and site wide equipotential platform.
  • Earthing
  • Measurement of Soil Resistivity
  • Earth Resistance Tests.
  • Supply and Installation of Mast Protection for Thatch Structures
  • Pro-active Maintenance of existing Lightning Protection Systems.

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