Global Commodity Analysts (Pty) Ltd

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Global Commodity Analysts (Pty) Ltd

Global Commodity Analysts (Pty) Ltd offers a specialised range of procurement and marketing services to South African manufacturing industries whose raw materials can be defined as commodities. The services will also be of use to companies purchasing goods manufactured from these commodities.

The company is completely independent of any raw material suppliers and has no leaning towards the promotion of one raw material over another.

Global Commodity Analysts offer the following range of services to companies purchasing commodity plastics or articles made from these materials:


The Plastrack™ service provides regularly updated price indications of the major commodity plastics. These prices are quoted in South African Rand per metric tonne and are based on information gleaned from the rapidly changing international trading platforms around the world. The Plastrack™ price for a chosen material aims to represent the fair value of that material at the given time. Global Commodity Analysts' independent position in the South African plastics market ensures that the quoted price levels are devoid of emotion or bias.

Interested parties can gain access to the Plastrack™ data on an annual subscription basis. An example of the Plastrack™ page available to subscribers can be seen here : Plastrack May 03.PDF

South African Commodity Plastic Price Index™

The South African Commodity Plastic Price Index ( SACPPI )™ is a volume based weighted average of all the commodity plastics converted in the South African market. The data is available in weekly, monthly and quarterly formats.

Polymer Price Profiles

The Polymer Price Profiles were developed for companies purchasing large quantities ( more than 100 tonnes per month ) of a material and for interested parties needing a better understanding of possible price movements. The Polymer Price Profiles are published monthly and provide a three month rolling projection of prices based on short term supply and demand dynamics, market knowledge, historical data and experience. Each edition contains a summary of the relevant economic indicators and a comparison of the chosen material's price performance against that of the SACPPI™. An example of the Polymer Price profiles can be seen here : PVC Dec 02.pdf


The Reports section lists all the existing reports. These reports are not client specific and can be easily ordered and / or downloaded. Prices are available on request.

Single Client Projects

Single Client Projects are those designed to meet customer specific requirements and include Medium and Long term Price Projections, Industry Trend Analysis, Market Segmentation, Procurement Strategies, Government Regulations and Value Chain Marketing. Customers who subscribe to one or more of the services outlined above receive preferential rates for Single Client Project work.

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