Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau

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South Africa

Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau

The Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (ASIB), was founded in 1970 by the thirty-five short term insurance companies that were operating at that time. The general philosophy was that whilst the insurance companies may differ in respect of premiums and ratings, they would not do so for the requirements for fixed fire protection and a uniform inspection standard was essential for them.

ASIB was tasked with regulating the industry by, amongst other things;

  • Updating the Rules which were hopelessly outdated
  • Listing and grading sprinkler installing companies
  • Control the standard of design and installation
  • Inspect new and existing premises
  • Issue Clearance Certification for premises that complied with the required minimum standard

ASIB does not endeavour to make commercial profit, fees are based on covering the running costs. The primary function is to inspect fixed automatic sprinkler installations with a view to issuing Clearance Certificates for those systems that complied with the nominated standard of design. ASIB currently carries out in excess of six-thousand inspections per annum on existing and new installations.

The inspections protect the clients' interests and automatically that of life safety and property protection as well as the insurance company. ASIB provides virtually the only method of ensuring that the installed system complies with internationally recognised rules, codes or standards. A comprehensive report is issued after each inspection. Further service is provided by advising and interpreting the requirements of fixed fire protection for fire brigades, sprinkler installers, insurance companies and brokers, property developers, property owners, architects and consulting engineers to name a few parties with vested interests.

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