AquiSim Consulting (Pty) Ltd

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South Africa
+27 82 806 6159
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AquiSim Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Providing consultancy and technical training services to organisations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency and Universities. These include the technical reviewing of groundwater and radioactive waste management documents.

Generation of a comprehensive and justifiable set of exposure scenarios. Auditing/screening of relevant features, events and processes (FEPs). Process System definition and evaluation. Visual representation of FEPs and FEP interactions. Scenario definition under natural processes and “what if?” events.

Assessing the radiological impact of mining and mineral processing facilities to the public, by determining whether doses incurred because of such releases are within the limits set by the national regulator. Analysis of the release of radioactive materials (source) from the facility (near-field analysis). Analysis of the transport of radioactive material from the source through the environment to humans (geosphere analysis). Estimation of doses to individuals from internal and external exposure due to radioactive materials in the environment (biosphere analysis).

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