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South Africa

Accredited Training Online

ACCREDITED TRAINING has always had the reputation of producing forklift operators of the highest possible standard, and have over the years, been responsible for training most of the operators, who have gone forward to become both Western Cape and National Forklift Champions at the South African Institute of Materials Handling Forklift Competitions. Last year we were proud to accompany the National Winner to Stockholm and the UK to compete internationally. "

Des Fell, Director of Accredited Training, stresses "Training cannot be a once off exercise, as drivers pick up bad habits over time" Des says, "The majority of accidents, in the work place, are caused by operators driving recklessly."

Statistics show that 61% of all accidents occur one year after the training has been completed. "This is where policing and good controls make a difference. On the roads we are aware of the penalties if we are caught driving badly. The same attitude needs to exist in a warehouse.

If you train your operators and then subject them to poor supervision and machinery you are wasting your money. The message we have always brought to the business of training, is that we are SERIOUS ABOUT STANDARDS and dedicated to devising integrated training programmes, rather than just running courses - this has kept long established clients loyal and continues to build a valued client base. Accredited Training has become renown to customers operating in every type of industry, and as such, have now been training internationally. Our motto is "Serious About Standards" says Des, "....and this is not only the high standards we expect from our staff, but of what our staff expect from their trainees."

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