Durban Point

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RocPoint House, 15 Timeball Boulevard, Point Waterfront
kwazulu Natal  4016
South Africa
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Durban Point

Located at the entrance to the busiest port in Africa, the Durban Point Waterfront is one of South Africa's most significant and exciting property development and investment projects.

Destined to become one of Durban's most prestigious addresses, and a key tourist attraction, the Durban Point Waterfront is rapidly transforming from a previously run down precinct into a multi billion Rand property showcase.

Durban Point represents an opportunity to define a South African urbanism on a comprehensive scale that draws widely on the multiplicity of cultures that make up the city of Durban. Rather than impose a strict architectural style to buildings the concept of "African Urbanism" is emphasised which focuses on the adornment of public urban spaces and linkages in the textures, colours and materials that speak of Africa.

The design of Durban Point embodies the following concepts:

  • An urban intensity of scale and an urbane characterof development.
  • A structure based on canals, water bodies, boulevards, vistas, urban squares, avenues, lanes and parks, all creating memorable places.
  • A well maintained, clean, attractive and secure environment.
  • An emphasis on easy, safe, convenient and pleasant pedestrian movement with access to well located, safe parking areas.
  • An emphasis on mixed-use developments which encourages the integration of retail, commercial, office, entertainment and residential activities.
  • A de-emphasis of a car dominated environment.

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