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18 Jupiter Ave
Crowthorne, Kyalami
South Africa
011 468 2431
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Earth Kids

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Leaving the security of a familiar home environment can be unsettling for some children and even the parents too. This is quite normal, but ensure that your child’s feelings are not just a projection of your own anxiety of the changes that are about to occur, they are very sensitive and open to our every word and gesture! To help with the transition here are a few tips, which may be helpful.

Talk to your child about starting play school and what to expect with cheerful optimism. Explain to them that you will be dropping them off to play and have fun with their new friends and you will be back to fetch them a little later.

Visit the school with your child during school hours to give reassurance that it will be okay to be left there for a while as all the other children are doing.

Feel free to stay with your child in the beginning for a short while, until they feel confident enough for you to leave. However don’t compound their fears by showing your distress and anxiety, children always settle down after their parents have left and are able to cope and feel safe.

Ensure that you collect your child on time everyday to avoid any feelings of insecurity or abandonment, they may not be able to tell the time but they do know that when story time is over Mommy arrives.

Be positive about school-this is a vital part of a child’s development and an exciting step along the path of life’s journey.

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