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Marks Building (2nd and 3rd Floor), The Democratic Alliance, Plein Street
Cape Town
Western Cape  8000
South Africa
+27 (0)21 403 2910
0866 99 3641
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WWC services

In the ANC's closed, crony society, people get preferential treatment if they have friends in high places. That explains why Jacob Zuma's former financial advisor, Schabir Shaik, can be fast-tracked for release on medical parole -- without official confirmation that he is terminally ill -- while hundreds of other terminally ill prisoners die waiting for their parole applications to be processed. Shaik's discharge is a case of "parole for pals". That is how the closed, crony society operates. It benefits members of a closed network whose interests, like Zuma and Shaik's, are mutually reinforcing. It leads to corruption and power abuse.

Shaik’s parole is just the first step. In a recent interview, Zuma hinted strongly that he would pardon Shaik should he become President. He said: “Why should I discriminate against him [Shaik], because he happens to be my comrade and friend? How can I punish him for that?”

The ANC has failed the vast majority of prisoners who do legitimately qualify for medical parole, but it has personally benefited Shaik. In the same way, the ANC has failed to create opportunity for the vast majority of South African youth with its closed, crony policies, but it has privileged a select few, like its blundering Youth League President, Julius Malema.

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