Food Of Champions

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South Africa

Food Of Champions

Food Of Champions is very new in this form and manner, however the people behind this mark are well experienced in the food industry, have a vast knowledge of sport and fans requirements, and have a lot of dedicated passion towards this. Food Of Champions is a brand of both food and sport in general. Food Of Champions is a marketing research company that appreciates any advise and opinion of both the fan in the stands as well as the professionals providing the show, from event organizers to show hosts, to technical and media crew and of course to the suppliers of all of the above.

Football is the base from which Food Of Champions was derived from. Flaminio Brenna was the man who thought of the simple concept. He was Italian and it was during the 2006 world cup that he came up with the idea. He was eating dinner with his grandson Sholton and just before kick off of one of Italy’s games he said "everybody wants to be a champion". Then looking at his plate of food his wife had just prepared, he added "but so long as you can eat a good healthy meal twice a day, you are already a champion".

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