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PDC Solar Geysers

PDC opened for business as a consulting firm in 1990. Co-founded by Richard the firm’s area of interest has been the development of communities with special emphasis on domestic energy issues. PDC headed the world’s largest international field test of solar cookers and, in doing so, realized the enormous potential for solar energy devices for households. Further, it became clear that for any household level intervention to be of significance on a national or global level it would have to be undertaken at a large scale. PDC has advised those concerned with domestic energy issues along these lines.

The South African energy crisis of 2008 has finally prompted government and ESKOM into undertaking a national programme that can have the potential to save enough energy that will mitigate the building of at least one 10 Megawatt power station.

Each hour the earth receives more energy than the world can use in a full year. Out of this abundance of incoming energy, South Africa has one of the highest levels of solar radiation in the world.

The solar radiation of South Africa ranges from around 1450 kWh/m2 to about 1950 kWh/m2 per year, compared to Europe which on average is 910kWh/m2 per year.

Todays technology allows us to use and convert this freely available resource to serve our energy needs, such as water heating.

Countries throughout the world are increasingly using solar energy. Areas that do not have nearly as much solar radiation as we do have high numbers of reliable solar water heaters in use. Countries such as Germany, Israel, Canada, the USA and even Namibia are striding ahead.

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