Pienaar-Matthews International

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Postnet Suite #44, Private Bag X87
South Africa
+27 (0)11 803-3958
+27 (0)11 234-3743
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Pienaar-Matthews International

Pienaar-Matthews International cc was started in 2009 as a family owned business, but has been actively working in the IT industry since 1998.

A sister UK IT company, General IT Systems Limited, is also owned by the owners of Pienaar-Matthews International.

It is therefore possible for us to offer our South African and International clients a wide range of products and services. As we only service business clients, you will be assured of the best level of service.

We have more than 11 years experience in Microsoft and Linux systems and are appointed distributors for D3, RedHat, Dell, Kid-e-Sys along with many others.

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