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2 Hildebrandt Street
Western Cape  7530
South Africa
+27 (0) 21 949 1551
+27 (0) 866 862 152
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Easy IT - Information Technology Solutions

We are Easy IT, proud to be competitive in the South African IT market. We were founded in 1998, at the dawn of an age in which the IT industry would flourish like never before.

Over the years, we expanded our horizons (primarily driven by our ever growing customer base and their associated needs) from a hardware only supplier to a fully fledged value added IT service provider. This is a trait that we are proud to say still features today, we adapt and expand as our customers require.

Our core expertise and services has grown to include amongst others: web hosting and web services, off-site managed backups, network security and firewalling, internet connectivity, support and maintenance, custom software and web development, networking and collaboration, VPN connectivity, remote office solutions, hardware and software procurement, project management and many, many more.

We were also fortunate to become involved during the early uptake of open source solutions and are therefore very well positioned to provide businesses with complete "alternative" open source implementations or hybrid solutions as required. We have grown from a dream to a fully-fledged company with structure, discipline and endurance.

We currently strive to fulfill the entire spectrum of IT needs (Associated with small and medium enterprise) and we are dedicated to our customers and endeavour to provide them with the highest quality and most cost effective products, systems and services.

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