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Bond Experts

Buying a home is probably one of the single biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. It is a major financial commitment but also an emotional experience that can result in an exciting experience with Bond Experts by your side throughout the home loan application process.

Bond Experts is an independent bond originator company that specializes in home loan applications on your behalf and will simultaneously negotiate the best possible interest rates at various banks, pay 50% of your Bond Registration Fee and take care of all the paperwork. Bond Experts can also assist you to increase your home loan to the current market value of your property (2nd Bond) or register a new mortgage on your bond free property with no cost to you.

Whether you are building, investing or buying an established property, Bond Experts will provide a free service and give expert advice on your home loan application to structure the best possible deal for you. Bond Experts is an independent mortgage originator company that facilitates the home loan application process, with no costs to the client. We are an innovative company that has initiated the practice of paying bond registration fees on behalf of clients. We have saved South African home buyers in excess of R3 million in bond registration fees by simply sharing the commission that we've received from the banks with our clients.

Bond Experts deals with all major banking institutions in South Africa and, thanks to our high volumes of business, we also negotiate the best possible interest rates on your bond to secure the most cost-effective home loans for our clients. When banks are in competition, you win by obtaining the best possible rate on your homeloan.

We pride ourselves on our service and expert advice, and will simultaneously submit your application to the bank/banks of your choice, negotiate the lowest interest rate and take care of all the paperwork to structure the best possible deal on your behalf.

For all of these reasons, Bond Experts has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, and saved huge amounts for clients who trusted Bond Experts with their home loan applications. With our friendly staff members on standby at our national call centre, we look forward to assisting you with every step of the home loan application process, and to save you time and money.

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