D R Art Glass Studio

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7 Andries Pretorius street
South Africa

D R Art Glass Studio

Stained glass and leaded panels are currently making a huge return to home decoration and architectural designs. For the first time in centuries stained glass is referred to and accepted as an art form.

Get your own piece of stained glass art designed and created by a passionate professional today. I have designed , built , restored and repaired hundreds of stained glass and leaded panels from intricate painted patterns in churches and museums to leaded windows with clear glass in ordinary homes.

  • Part 1: A large stained glass window in a church
  • Part 2: with beautiful painted and stained ecclesiastical detail on the glass and
  • Part 3: an artist busy to restore the stained glass panel
  • Part 4: in a historic Catholic church

Now you can also see some of my warm glass creations . Melting glass is so very exciting and wonderful , and all the creative things you can do with it . But of course it is always a surprise when the kiln is opened and you can see what happened with the glass . Sometimes it is as planned , but disasters does happen . At least some of it is good disasters!

Absolute any design you can think of can be done in stained glass , be it traditional , ecclesiastical , pictorial or even from a photograph or drawing.

I design , create , repair and restore stained glass and leaded panels across South Africa . Overseas commissions also undertaken. Stained glass classes offered at very good prices.

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