North West Department of Education

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2nd Floor, Garona Building
South Africa
+27 18 387 3700
+27 18 384 5016
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North West Department of Education


A portrait of excellence.


The department provides quality education and training through the implementation of polices, strategies and programmes.


The department aims to:

  • Uphold the Republic of South Africa’s Constitution, legislation and policy, and be accountable to the government and the people of North West Province.
  • Realise its vision and mission through loyal, professional and disciplined performance of its respective roles.
  • Address the provincial education and training needs of all learners, consistently delivering a quality service in a cost-effective way, and implement redress and caring for clients.
  • Communicate with clients, stakeholders and staff in an honest, responsible and transparent manner.
  • Develop and maintain high standards of performance and foster innovation, responsiveness and competency.
  • Support one another by giving mutual respect, appreciating diversity, building trust and caring for each other.
  • Appreciate each other’s talents, skills, needs and contributions within a dynamic and competitive environment that celebrates personal growth, development and honest feedback on performance.
  • Practise high standards of human-resource management, including all aspects of human-resource development, through each manager and the relevant support components.
  • Empower staff members to perform their tasks through meaningful delegation of power, functions and duties as well as effective planning and change management.
  • Optimally utilise and care for departmental assets.

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