PD Naidoo & Associates

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8 Balfour Road
East London  5247
South Africa
043 726 7422
043 726 5882

PD Naidoo & Associates

Some 15 years ago when democracy was dawning in South Africa, many challenges presented itself. We inherited a skewed economy, poverty, infrastructure deficit and skills shortages, amongst others. The management and founders of PDNA therefore styled a company, totally compliant with the ethos of building on our young democracy but steeped in technology and technical skills development, human advancement, project delivery and business excellence. The Group has become a market leader in engineering and technology solutions in South Africa, Africa and is now also exporting its services globally.

Our ownership model globally is flexible to promote value adding and indigenous entrants into our foreign offices whilst also allowing to reward those that have built the company.

PDNA offers design, implementation and management services in the Commercial, Public, Transport, Water, Industrial, Mining, Energy and Management sectors. The company is located in 13 offices in South Africa, representation across Africa and now active in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

The company has engineered some of the most notable architectural buildings and government facilities, bridges, water treatment plant and pipelines, roads and highways and industrial plants, not only in South Africa, but in Africa. Globally its roads experts are sought after for rehabilitation and design from Chile, USA to Europe, Asia and Australia.

Today, Global Equipment manufacturers and vendors base their research and development programmes on advice from PDNA experts. PDNA has not only learnt how to develop and engineer innovative and sustainable Green projects in developing Africa, but through its mergers and acquisitions has obtained world class water sector and dams specialists, roads and highways specialists, geotechnical and ground specialists, structural specialists, that it is globally deploying. Its training, mentorship and enterprise development models are now becoming standard for the industry in South Africa and across its borders.

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