African Performance Specialists

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P.O.Box 137
Fourways North
South Africa
+27 (0) 11 467 2760
+27 (0) 11 467 2760
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African Performance Specialists

We provide strategy formulation and implementation consulting services to facilitate a sustainable positive change in operational behaviour and financial performance of our clients. Our multicultural team has the skill to encourage all stakeholders to become actively involved in the change process. We build our business by working closely with clients and building trust that is the foundation of lasting relationships.

Whether you are a senior executive in the business or you hold a significant chunk of its equity, or both, you will still need to dig deeper than finance for answers and solutions. Even more than that – you will need to implement.

Our mission is to help clients develop a distinctive competitive advantage in their businesses by working closely with them and identifying opportunities and developing strategies, skills, processes and business information systems that create value for all stakeholders. We provide our people - our African talents - with the latest management thinking from key economies around the world and give them the opportunity to build on their diversity and spark breakthrough ideas which will make African Business competitive globally.

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