Fields of Play Museum at the District Six Homecoming Centre

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15A Buitenkant Street, City Centre
Cape Town
Western Cape 
South Africa

As much an exposition of South African football history as it is of the consequences of the forced removals of the 1950s Group Areas Act, this cleverly curated museum relies on newspaper clippings, oral history, photographs, video and sound clips to paint a vivid picture of the lives of black and coloured soccer players during the apartheid era. The upper half of the space features a astroturf-like soccer pitch and cartoon cut-outs of local soccer legends who made it big in Britain, each accompanied by interesting, often heartbreaking profiles. In a continued effort to unite rather than divide, each visitor is given a scarlet postcard reading 'show racism the red card', which can be inscribed and added to the upstairs petition wall.

Hours: 9.00am-2.00pra Mon; 9.00am-4.00pm Tue-Sat

Admission: R20 adults; R5 pensioners, children; R35 for District Six Museum/Fields of Play combo ticket. (Price may vary)

Phone: 021 466 7200

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