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10 Archary Road
Clairwood, Jacobs
South Africa
+27 31 465 0906
086 530 5062
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Having started out her career as an accountant and serving in many blue chip companies at middle to higher management positions, Premi always had the passion to be a successful entrepreneur. With perseverance, determination, dedication, hard work and discipline she achieved her goal of owning a chemical company.

Premi believes you can achieve anything, with perseverance, determination and teamwork. She is self-motivated, driven and takes calculated risks, without sacrificing her integrity and passion. Premi enjoys empowering her staff to make their own decisions, and watching them take ownership of their role and developing into well-rounded respected team members. She feels fortunate to be in a position where she can create jobs, thereby assisting with the alleviation of poverty and skills shortage in SA, while also contributing to economic growth.

Recently Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal was on a trade mission to India and nominated Premi. During this process she was successful in concluding a 51% joint venture with a company in India. She also completed a programme in chemistry during her second visit to India in the same year.

Premi also won the Start Up category at the 2007 Businesswomen’s Association (BWA) Regional Business Achiever awards, which honour entrepreneurial and professional women and recognise the winner’s ability to be a role model and make an active difference to the community.

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