African Information Institute

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21 Harley street
Randburg  2194
South Africa
+27(0)11 781 1155
+27(0)11 781 1144
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African Information Institute

Integrity is the foundation of every relationship whether it is with our customers, our colleagues, our partners or our trainers. For AII, integrity means acting responsibly, honestly and fairly, on both the individual and team levels. We will always be guided by what is ethical and right. This applies to all the services the Group offers.

Initiative implies action instead of reaction. In order to succeed in today's market; we have become agile and constantly evaluate our direction and action. Initiative is second nature to everyone in the organisation. It is nourished in an environment of decisiveness and continuous development, and it is designed into all of our various divisions and their respective programmes for customers, partners, and employees.

Commitment to Customers – their success is directly tied to our success. We listen to what our customers tell us, what their needs are, respond rapidly by delivery solutions that exceed their expectations and provide unparalleled service and support. We also foster relations that are built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

Excellence is critical in building an enduring organisation. At AII, we deliver on our commitments, constantly innovate, and strive for the financial performance necessary to do both.

With over 20 years of experience within the industry, we are well positioned to ensure that our events are relevant and well executed with specific attention to customer satisfaction. African Information Institute (Pty) Ltd holds numerous events per year.

We pride ourselves in our established long term partnerships with industry leaders based on the fact that these relationships ensure that the relevant role players are present at our events and are jointly responsible for our success. Our delegates therefore have access to the top decision makers in the relevant industries.

With extensive large scale conference management experience across the African continent and significant reach into public and private sector, African Information Institute (AII) offers a range of carefully targeted innovative campaigns and diverse marketing strategies to help our clients establish, grow, maintain and develop their businesses in important global markets.

Our expertise in all spheres of government in Africa, our successful track record in addressing the needs of the corporate sector and our commitment to providing the highest levels of professional service makes AII the perfect choice for all your in-house conference and training needs. Our commitment and service to you, the customer, is unsurpassed.

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