Steel Frame Developments

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Unit 106, Ensor Industrial Park, Glen Anil
Durban North
South Africa
+27 31 569 5756
086 588 2598
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Steel Frame Developments

Whether you are an architect, engineer, developer, builder or home owner contemplating a Green building project or simply re-modeling and extending then we at SFD can be of tremendous help in making your project both cost effective as well as an overall pleasant experience.

We at SFD manufacture engineered steel framed buildings for residential and light commercial construction. This environmentally friendly method of building has been used by most leading countries such as the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Europe since the early 50’s with tremendous success and only recently has it become an acceptable building practice on South African soil. The system offers quality, cost efficiency and speed of completion by minimizing the use of wet-works on building sites.

The steel frame green building industry is growing at such a tremendous rate that a governing body was created to ensure that members adhere to all relevant building standards and rational designs. The governing body is commonly known as “SASFA” or “Southern African Steel Frame Building Association. SFD recently erected a fully fitted show-house on our factory grounds in order to promote steel frame building by allowing the public to see, touch and feel the results of the new technology first hand before commiting to any future building plans. The overall response from the public has been undoubtedly positive and a resounding approval was received from all professional sectors including some traditional building experts.

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