KZN Growth Fund

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KwaZulu-Natal  4001
South Africa
031 304 1116
031 306 2547
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KZN Growth Fund

The principal objective of the KZN Growth Fund (‘Growth Fund’) is to achieve sustainable economic development through the financing of medium- to large-scale infrastructure projects within KwaZulu-Natal Province.

The Growth Fund is thus a project-finance facility that has been developed and established by the provincial government to fund economic projects. Based on the province’s aggressive Growth and Development Strategy, funding and other investment opportunities are expected to arise in the development, expansion, rehabilitation and restructuring of infrastructure projects.

The Growth Fund seeks to accelerate socioeconomic development and empowerment in KwaZulu-Natal by providing carefully structured debt finance for high projects to bridge the gap in the project-financing market.

It is also destined to become KwaZulu-Natal’s leading project institutions by unlocking major economic development projects and building sustainable transformation.

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