De Oude Drostdy Museum

De Oude Drostdy Museum

Wine-tasting, history, art exhibitions and collections of early Cape furniture and utensils. Popular events include the October Festival. The Drostdy Museum consists of a group of buildings containing a huge selection of period furniture. A good example of the famous Cape Dutch architecture dating back to 1804.

In 1804 the District of Tulbagh was established and the Drostdy, designed by renowned architect Louis Michael Thibault, was officially opened towards the end of 1806, in 1822 the seat of the landdrost moved to Worcester and the Drostdy passed into private ownership.

The Drostdy had to withstand natural disasters three times in its history. After the earthquake of 1969, the building was restored to its original graceful dignity by the National Monuments Council. Architecturally, the Drostdy is mainly neoclassical in style and reflectsthe French background of Thibault.

The building was designed by Cape architect Louis Michel Thibault and built not long after the town of Tulbagh. De Oude Drostdy today stands overlooking the Drostdy-Hof wine cellar, producers of New World wines and one of the South Africa’s oldest private sherry cellars. De Oude Drostdy serves as Drostdy-Hof’s spiritual home and for many visitors here, De Oude Drostdy has become synonymous with the wine label that began releasing wines in 1973.

The fact that the Drostdy is built outside the town, makes the Oude Drostdy at Tulbagh unique in South Africa. This classic building reflects the heritage and commitment to quality that one finds in every bottle of Drostdy-Hof wine. Visitors may wish to try a glass of wine in the 200-year-old jail. Visitors can walk along the Oude Kerk Volksmuseum complex, visit De Oude Drostdy Museum or go on one of the many trails in the area.

Today it houses a unique collection of early Cape furniture and household articles, as well as a fascinating collection of old gramophones. Local artists and potters exhibit their work in the Drostdy from time to time. Exhibits and legends of Swellendam explained.

HOURS: Mon-Sat: 10:00-13:00 / 14:00-17:00, Sun: 14:30-17:00

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De Oude Drostdy Museum is 4km out of Tulbagh on the Winterhoek Road - follow the signs
Tel: (023) 230-0203
Fax: (023) 230-0203
For wine-tasting and sales - contact: 023-2301086
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